Welcome to Reading Rcommendations!

This new blog is my attempt to help promote authors, their published books, and good writing! It is my hope that readers who are seeking suggestions of what to read next will consider reading books written by authors I’ll be listing every few days or so (or when I have time to post the material!) and that they will discover some great writing in the process.

Some authors I’ll be listing here are friends of mine, some are unknown to me personally but are authors whose work I personally admire, and a few are authors I’ve encountered lately through my own reading and from trying to promote my own writing and publications.

This is how it will work: I will be sending out a questionnaire to those authors who indicate they are interested in participating, then their answers will be posted to this blog in a dedicated post. All I ask is that the authors who participate will, in turn, promote this blog  on their own sites and through whatever social media they use. This way, we’ll get the word out about ALL the featured authors.

So, please, if you are interested in good books and great reading, do subscribe to this blog and check out the authors who will be listed here and who will tell you, in their own words, all about what they’ve written. I hope you find there will be something listed here, eventually, for every reading taste!

(Many thanks to Armand Rosamilia and his Spotlight On listings that led me to this blog idea! Armand will be the first author up on the board.)


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