Jacqueline Guest

2012/04/21-- AUTHOR -- Jacqueline Guest - SHERYL HART Jacqueline Guest

What is your latest release and what
genre is it?

Outcasts of River Falls – YA novel

Quick description: Kathryn must save her aunt from the gallows, but to do this, she must outsmart her enemies, betray her friends, and unmask the one friend her outcast people have.


Brief biography:
Jacqueline Guest is an international award winning author of 17 novels for readers of all ages. She believes Reading Rocks!

Links to buy Jacqueline’s book:
Jacqueline’s Website
Coteau Books

Jacqueline’s promo links:
Jacqueline’s Website

What are you working on now?
The Comic Book War – When Robert finds a fallen meteorite, strange things begin to happen. His comic book superheroes seem to be guarding his brothers who are fighting overseas in WW2.

(This book has since been published! Here is an update Jacqueline provided us with for Reading Recommendations.)

Jacqueline’s reading recommendation:
The Giver by Lois Lowry

7 thoughts on “Jacqueline Guest

    • Hi Owl Lady,

      Here’€™s some info on The Comic Book War, just out.

      Latest Review:

      “€œGuest’€™s sensitive writing has satisfying depth”€

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