Robin G. Coles

Robin G. Coles

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Boating Secrets: 127 Top Tips to Help You Buy and Enjoy Your Boat, Vol. 1 – Boating
The original release was October 2010, however, I’ve updated one of the chapters for the new edition released in November 2013.

Quick description: An interview series with 11 marine industry experts on everything from buying a boat to bad storms and heavy weather; bonus chapter includes selling your boat.


Brief biography:
Robin G. Coles is a passionate marine enthusiast and sailor who has interviewed countless industry experts as well as visited, interviewed personnel at, written about, and photographed hundreds of marine ports in the US and abroad.

The ocean both scares and exhilarates her, as it should any boater—one minute it is as calm and smooth as glass; the next a stark raving maniac, as crazy as life itself.

Though Robin has had many challenges in her life, she has always managed to bounce back. Her time on the ocean has been her most rewarding.

Robin has authored a newspaper column and a variety of articles, newsletters, case studies, reports, and technical documents about boating and non-boating topics.

Robin has been a shutterbug from as far back as she can remember. Her photographs have been featured on the cover of the 2008 Winthrop Phonebook, at the 2009 IPEVO show in Las Vegas, and on a local real estate website.

In Robin’s spare time she loves to walk the beach, photograph a variety of subjects, read good detective stories, travel, cook, crochet hats for preemie babies and shawls for four-to-six-year-olds in cancer wards, write, and sail Boston Harbor.

Robin spends her time these days between Boston, MA, and Florida, where she sails and works with business owners around the world via satellite phone and internet.

Links to buy Robin’s book:
Book’s Website
Robin’s Website
Amazon – eBook and Paperback
Lulu – paperback
Barnes & Noble – paperback

Robin’s promo links:
To see/read her boating related media, go to The Nautical Lifestyle/Transient Talk. Her non-boating related media can be found at Robin’s Website.
Book Website

What are you working on now?
I am currently working on a cookbook, children’s story about pirates, and two other books about boating.

Robin’s reading recommendation:
Sins of the Father by Angela Benson


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