K.L. Silver

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What is your latest release and what genre is it? Take Me – Romantic Erotica (heavy on the erotica)

Quick description: Take Me is the third of four short stories. BOUND together, they create the novel – MASTERED (to be released shortly, along with the final short story). It is the erotic love story of Missy Weaver and James Colton. The sub-genre is D/s – a multi-layered plot with multi-layered characters. In just under 3 months, it has accrued over 40 Amazon reviews – 37 of them 5 star.

Take Me by K.L. Silver.indd

Brief biography:
I have been writing for years, but went ‘public’ about 3 years ago when I started writing for several sites. I am not what anyone would call a mainstream thinker – even on mainstream topics, and found the venues a tad cramped.

It was time to strike out on my own and I started to blog. I also decided it was high time to listen to my fans – and write a book. What they didn’t know was the genre I would choose, and many were surprised. On the other hand, many weren’t.

I’m very excited. The future seems bright!

Links to buy K.L. Silver’s book:
You can find a list of my published work on my AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE.
Also, please visit my WEBSITE/BLOG -Very shortly my books will be available to download straight from my website – and onto ANY device! CAN’T WAIT!

K.L. Silver’s promo links:
You can find me on TWITTER, FACEBOOK, and LINKEDIN!

What are you working on now?
Well, at the moment, I am in edits on the fourth short story AND the novel. I believe my readers will be very, ummmm … SATISFIED (ahem…).

(On April 14, 2014, K.L. Silver updated Reading Recommendations on the release of her novels.)

K.L. Silver’s reading recommendation:
I highly recommend new Poet Vincent Moore and not so new Poet Baron James Ashanti.

4 thoughts on “K.L. Silver

  1. K L Silver’s novel “Mastered” is a fine piece of insightful erotica that I can thoroughly recommend. It’s a hot love story that you will not want to put down!

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