TM Brown

photo.php TM Brown

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Struggles of the Women Folk – Genre: Historical Black American Fiction

Quick description: It is the story of a young black girl named Georgie growing up in rural Virginia in the 1940s. This was a time of discrimination and prejudice. The plot has lots of twists and turns.


Brief biography:
Internationally recognized story-teller with a past that provides lots of material to write from!
• 1st book, A Life Not My Own, kicks down the secret door that Tina had worked so hard to lock away her insecurities, heartache and fears.
• 5-STAR-rated Just Between Us – Inspiring Stories by Women. Tina’s short story is a continuation of A Life Not My Own, providing just a tad more about her life as a young adult (not captured in my first book). Expect the unexpected …
Struggles of the Women Folk, is based on fictional characters with a storyline created from stories that her grandmother shared with her as a child.

Links to buy TM’s book:
Smashwords – eBook
Amazon Worldwide – eBook and print

TM’s promo links:
My Website

What are you working on now?
Continuation of Struggles of the Women Folk, currently un-named

TM’s reading recommendation:
Loving Nate by Janice Ross (Previously, Janice G. Ross has been a featured author on Reading Recommendations)

4 thoughts on “TM Brown

  1. Looks like a good one. I am reading Strange Birth, Short Life and Sudden Death of Justice Girl by Julian Stone, for info. It’s been a good read, I like historic fiction and it’s set in the 50’s so I’ve enjoyed it!

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