Deborah Nam-Krane

dnkDeborah Nam-Krane

What is your latest release and what genre is it? China Doll, Romantic Suspense

Quick description: This is book three of my New Adult Romance series, The New Pioneers. Jessie Bartolome has never been delicate and she’s sick of people treating her like she’s going to break. She’s fearless . . . but would she be if she knew the truth about what happened to her parents? And who should she depend on to help fill in the blanks? Because everyone thinks they know something, but one very surprising person is going to hold the key to answering all the questions.


Brief biography:
I love writing fiction because it gives me a chance to recreate the world as I think it should be. Otherwise I’m deeply immersed in reality in the form of my four children!

Links to buy Deborah’s book:
AMAZON US, Canada, UK – eBook and paperback
iTUNES – eBook
Barnes & Noble – paperback

Deborah’s promo links:
Written By Deb
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What are you working on now?
Two things: editing the fourth release in my series, Let’s Move On, and working on book number five, The Golden Boy Returns.

Deborah’s reading recommendation:
I’ve been loving chick lit mysteries! Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba’s Bird of Prey was a sexy, smart, internationally set romantic suspense, and on the other side of the spectrum Caroline Fardig’s It’s Just A Little Crush was a double murder mystery set in a small town that made me laugh out loud.

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