Don Marnock

final photoDon Marnock

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Time On Target – action-thriller

Quick description: A deteriorating ex-Spec Ops soldier turned Homeland Security agent struggles to foil a drug cartel employing American teenagers and must ally with a teen hunted by the gang for failing to kill him.

revised cover

Brief biography:
Don Marnock lives in Calgary, Alberta, and has been creatively writing for fourteen years. His first love was screenwriting for which two of his plays were optioned by a production company. He authored his first novel in 2013 titled Time On Target, inspired by a prior screenplay. This book draws from his experiences serving as an executive protection specialist. Also for many years he has been a martial arts instructor, teaching at levels from military Spec Ops members, as well as private citizens of all stations of life. He holds an honors degree in Radiography and is authorized by the CNSC in the transportation and handling of radioactive material.

Links to buy Don’s book:
Amazon Canada, US, UK, Australia – eBook

Don’s promo links:

What are you working on now?
A screenplay called Iron Fist Silk Palm

Don’s reading recommendation:
Charles A. Ray


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