Katherine Govier – an update on a new book

Here’s an update on a new book for children and adults from Katherine Govier!

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Katherine Govier was a previously featured author on Reading Recommendations in January, 2014. Since that time, she has published a new book and is here now to tell us about it. (Note that this book is only available in hardcover. However, I have received a copy and can guarantee that you will not want to read this in any other format. It is truly beautiful! Kudos from me on the production quality, Whitecap! smt)

Katherine Govier

I got an advance copy of Half for You and Half for Me and flew to Calgary in April to read it with my mother. We had fun going through the pages, she with her big round magnifying glass, still able to recite the rhymes from her memory. The idea to write it had come when she gave me the 100 year old nursery rhyme book we had pored over together, when we both…

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