L.J. Heydorn

headshot no redeyeL.J. Heydorn

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Just released The Portal. Epic Fantasy/Steampunk crossover

Quick description: Uldrich is a world of mythical creatures, dragons, & sorcery. A land where might makes right. All hope has been eradicated for the peaceful inhabitants of the land. But, years ago a band of refugees fled Uldrich and came to Earth. It was by the magic of their aging matriarch, Erika, that they found sanctuary in Florida. They thought they were safe. They thought wrong.

An evil, which came through with them, has lurked in the shadows waiting. With a newly created artifact, the darkness seeks to resurface and finish its mission to destroy all of them.

Will Erika be able to save her fellow travelers and open the portal back to their world? Or, are they all doomed?

Portal cover 1

Brief biography:
L.J. Heydorn has been professionally writing in the communications industry for nearly two decades. His childhood years, with a fantasy artist mother and a techie dad, were filled with Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies, books, and games. The passion grew for them while he did too. For over two decades he made pilgrimages to Sci-Fi/Fantasy conventions and gatherings. The boundless imaginations of artist, script writers, authors, directors, and producers never ceased to amaze him. It was this admiration that not only captivated him but started his quest to aspire to achieve long-term goals.

Links to buy L.J.’s book:
Amazon Kindle US, Canada, UK, Australia

L.J.’s promo links:

What are you working on now?
Continuing my work on the Age of the Fallen series. I have a massive 1,000+ page novel I’m working on.

L.J.’s reading recommendation:
George R.R. Martin


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