Jeff Leitch

jeff-leitch-e1393589820341Jeff Leitch

What is your latest release and what genre is it? I’m the co-author of the Non-Fiction Saving Our Pennys, which I proudly wrote with my great friend, Roy Dimond. The genre is Self-Help & Personal Transformation. (Roy was previously featured here on Reading Recommendations.)

Quick description: Saving Our Pennys is a story about the evolution of a person and how one realizes what it takes to exist and how to reclaim their life. It is a story of inspiration and the depths of caring needed to find peace, happiness and bliss in one’s life through a simple choice – but a choice that is earned.


Brief biography:
My name is Jeff Leitch and I am the proud father of three dynamic children, and married to my wonderful wife, Linda. I am a proud teacher in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada and thoroughly enjoy the magic of a “story.” Between reading and writing, and walking the family dog, I love having a hot coffee and watching any live theatre or sporting event, where I can cheer or coach those who display courage and dare to chase greatness.

Links to buy Jeff’s book:
Saving Our Pennys is available at most book stores as well as Barnes & Noble etc.,

Amazon Canada, US, UK – eBook and Paperback

Jeff’s promo links:

What are you working on now?
Currently I am toiling with a couple of ideas that are stirring my writing soul, but I need to decide if these ideas are suited for one book or possibly more. Soon, time will tell how these “idea embers” ignite. 

Jeff’s reading recommendation:
Currently I am reading the Sandy Koufax Biography, Sandy Koufax: A Lefty’s Legacy by Jane Leavy. It is an absolutely brilliantly written work.

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