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ricker_jeffrey_headshotJeffrey Ricker

What is your latest release and what genre is it? My latest book is The Unwanted, a YA fantasy published by Bold Strokes Books. I also have an essay in a family by any other name, published by TouchWood Editions.**

Quick description: Jamie Thomas has enough trouble on his hands trying to get through junior year of high school without being pulverized by Billy Stratton, his bully and tormentor. That’s before he finds out the mother he was always told was dead is actually alive—and she’s an Amazon. Sixteen years after she left him on his father’s doorstep, she’s back . . . and needs Jamie’s help. A curse has caused the ancient tribe of warrior women to give birth to nothing but boys, dooming them to extinction—until prophecy reveals that salvation lies with one of the offspring they abandoned. Putting his life on the line, Jamie must find the courage to confront the wrath of an angry god to save a society that rejected him.

The Unwanted 300 DPI

Brief biography:
Jeffrey Ricker is the author of Detours, published in 2011 by Bold Strokes Books, and the YA fantasy The Unwanted, also published by Bold Strokes Books. His writing has appeared in the anthologies Foolish Hearts: New Gay Fiction, A Family by Any Other Name, Men of the Mean Streets, and others. A graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism, he is completing an MFA at the University of British Columbia and lives in St. Louis with his partner and their contrary dachshund.

Links to buy Jeffrey’s book:
Bold Strokes Books—eBook and print
Indiebound—U.S.—independent book stores
Barnes & Noble—U.S.—eBook and print
Amazon Worldwide—eBook and print

Jeffrey’s promo links:

What are you working on now?
I just finished my graduate thesis for UBC’s creative writing program. It’s a speculative fiction novel about a young farmer in the early 22nd century. Climate change has done a number on her profession by that point, and she’s forced to choose between keeping the family business afloat or throwing her lot in with her estranged brother, who’s leading the first colonization mission to another planet. I have some more edits to do for that, and then it’ll be time to focus on the next project, either a follow-up to The Unwanted or this idea I have for a detective novel set in St. Louis.

Jeffrey’s reading recommendation:
I’ll recommend the book I most recently finished, The Age by Nancy Lee. It’s set in the 1980s and follows a troubled teenager named Gerry as she falls in with a bad crowd planning a protest at a Vancouver peace march. The time period really resonated with me, as I remember being a teenager in the ’80s and thinking the world was going to end any day. That feeling is driven home even more by the book’s parallel storyline, a dystopian post-atomic future that takes place all in Gerry’s head. Gerry is at once pretty unlikable and yet I found myself full of sympathy for her situation.

**Reading Recommendations has previously featured three authors connected with the publication of a family by any other nameBruce Gillespie, Betty Jane Hegrat and ‘Nathan Burgoine.

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