rob mclennan

rob mclennan

What is your latest release and what genre is it? The most recent release is The Uncertainty Principle: stories, (Chaudiere Books, 2014), but I also have two other books out this year: a second collection of literary essays, Notes and Dispatches: Essays (Insomniac Press, June 2014) and my twenty-fourth trade poetry collection, If suppose we are a fragment (BuschekBooks, September 2014).

Quick description: The Uncertainty Principle: stories, is a collection of extremely short stories about nearly everything.

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Brief biography:
Author of nearly thirty trade titles of poetry, fiction and non-fiction in a half-dozen countries, and published in over two hundred journals worldwide. Ottawa-born and situated. Has run above/ground press, The Factory Reading Series and the ottawa small press book fair for twenty years or more. Also edits/publishes ottawater, Touch the Donkey and the trade publisher Chaudiere Books (with Christine McNair). Has toured extensively with Ottawa poet Stephen Brockwell.

Links to buy rob’s book:
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rob’s promo links:
I blog daily and have a Facebook author page as well as the obligatory twitter-handle.

What are you working on now?
Given our newborn Rose, remarkably little. Although I’ve been poking at poems again over the past few weeks, and am hoping to complete a manuscript of short stories by the end of this year. I keep hoping to return to that novel.

rob’s reading recommendation:
can’t and won’t, Lydia Davis (FSG, 2014); For Tamara, Sarah Lang (Anansi, 2014); Mercenary English, Mercedes Eng (CUE, 2013); Gone South, Barry McKinnon (Gorse, 2013).

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