Mariana Llanos

Mariana LlanosMariana Llanos

What is your latest release and what genre is it? My latest book, A Planet for Tristan Wolf, is a children’s story, recommended for readers 8 and up.

Quick description: This is the second book in the Tristan Wolf Series. After a fight with his brother Billy, Tristan takes off … to outer space! Tristan and his best friend, Red, look for a new place to call home. They soon land on a colorful, extravagant planet. Everyone seems nice and Tristan is happy to have found a new home. But, things are not quite as they are in Earth, and Tristan discovers that people seem to be afraid of Red. Now Tristan will have to find his way out, before him and Red are stuck in Orb forever!


Brief biography:
I grew up in Lima, Peru and currently live in Oklahoma with my husband and three children. I have been writing since I was very young, although I started taking it seriously just a few years ago. My first book, Tristan Wolf, was published in 2013. I love art in all its forms, that’s why I studied Theater. I teach Art and Music at a preschool. I enjoy reading, crafting, painting, and being on Facebook!

Links to buy Mariana’s book:
Amazon – paperback

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What are you working on now?
I’m working on a new story called The Staircase on Pine Street. It is about a young girl and her grandfather who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. I hope to have it out in a few weeks. Also, I hope to have a new Tristan story anytime in the next few months. I’m already planning his new adventure… I miss that sweet boy!

Mariana’s reading recommendation:
I love the works of Aviva Gittle. She writes for children and you can find her books here.
If you want to read a memoir/American history novel though, I recommend author Jo Ann V. Glim and her wonderful Begotten: with love. I think that book will encourage you to look into your own family heritage. You can find her here.

8 thoughts on “Mariana Llanos

  1. Mariana is a lovely lady and a talented author. It was a pleasure to have her on my blog. Best wishes for much success, my friend. Xo

    Thank you, Susan, for sharing this post. Connect me to be on my blog. Still waiting to hear back from you.

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