Arjun Basu

I first met Arjun Basu when we both had much longer hair. He was working for a Canadian publisher and I was one of the sales reps. I remember when he first showed me the advance copy of A Prairie Alphabet , that I swooned over this beautiful children’s picture book by a then-unknown Saskatchewan author/illustrator team. My territory was the Prairies – so, this was the perfect book written and published for me to sell! The book went on to sell tens of thousands of copies across Canada and in the US (but mainly in my territory!), and the publisher has since published another couple of books by this same author/illustrator team. What great memories, to have been part of such a successful book! So I’m pleased to present Arjun Basu who is now writing and publishing his own fiction. smt

Arjun_lo resArjun Basu

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Waiting for the Man – fiction

Quick description: A successful but unhappy ad exec starts to hear a voice in his head and then he “listens to it” and becomes an unwitting media sensation in the process.

cover-Waiting for the Man

Brief biography:
An author and editor. I wrote a book of short stories, Squishy, in 2008. Waiting for the Man is my first novel. I also do a strange thing on Twitter – I write 140 character short stories. In 5 years, I’ve written almost 10,000. That’s not a typo. Sometimes, I wish it were.

Links to buy Arjun’s book:
All your regular outlets. Plus your local bookstore. I’ve put a bunch of links together (for the most part) here.

Arjun’s promo links:

What are you working on now?
Another novel. I’ve just started. It’s already threatening to be very big. I’m a little intimidated right now, I think.

Arjun’s reading recommendation:
Here’s the thing. I tend not to read fiction when I write. Which is unfortunate (for me) as my reading list just grows and grows. When I do read fiction while writing, I tend to return to the classics. I just finished Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. I’m currently reading Alan Weisman’s Countdown, about the earth’s little problem with population. His The World Without Us was a knockout thought experiment.

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    We’ve just received the great news that Arjun Basu has been nominated for this year’s Scotiabank Giller Prize – the richest fiction prize in Canada! I’m reblogging his promotion from Reading Recommendations so that everyone may join me in sending all best wishes to Arjun! (And here’s a link to the prize announcement. )

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