Dave Margoshes – an update on a new novel


     Wiseman’s Wager

                                      a new novel by                                

      Dave Margoshes

              from Coteau Books, Regina, SK, Canada

Zan Wiseman: in his own words, a “failed novelist. You might say I made a success of failure, a whole career of it. I did lots of other things – to make a living, to keep alive, you do anything, whatever comes along, whatever you have to, teacher sometimes, bee-keeper sometimes, believe it or not, mostly as a machinist, a pretty good one, too. But they don’t count. Novelist, that’s the noun. Failed, that’s the adjective. And not just novelist either – failed husband, failed son, failed brother, failed friend, failed Communist … you name it, I failed at it. Failed, that’s the operative word.”

One thing Zan is good at, though, is spinning yarns, and through the pages of Wiseman’s Wager, Dave Margoshes’s new novel, he spins plenty of them: tales about his childhood and life, about his family and lovers, his adventures and misadventures. But is he misremembering things? Deliberately misrepresenting them? Merely crafting a better story? Or all of the above?

Dave Margoshes’ books include three novels, five volumes of poetry and seven collections of short fiction. He’s had stories and poems published in dozens of magazines and anthologies in Canada and the United States (included six times in Best Canadian Stories), and had work broadcast on CBC. He was a finalist for the Journey Prize in 2009 and has won several awards, including the Stephen Leacock Prize for Poetry in 1996, the John V. Hicks Award for fiction in 2001 and the City of Regina Writing Award twice, in 2004 and 2010. His Bix’s Trumpet and Other Stories was Book of the Year at the Saskatchewan Book Awards and a finalist for the ReLit Award in 2007. His 2012 story collection, A Book of Great Worth, was one of Amazon.Ca’s Top Hundred Books of the Year.

You may purchase Dave’s book from:
Wiseman’s Wager is available from the author (davemargoshes (at) gmail.com), Coteau Books, Amazon, Chapters/Indigo, Kobo, iTunes, Nook and Independent bookstores across Canada.

Dave Margoshes was previously featured on Reading Recommendations on Aug. 7, 2014.

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