Peter Midgley

It gives me great pleasure to be recommending a new book written by a very accomplished editor, author, and storyteller. I met Peter Midgley when I was the Alberta sales rep for University of Alberta Press where he continues to work as Acquisitions Editor. A few years ago, Peter asked me to read a portion of the manuscript that has gone on to become his latest release, Counting Teeth. I knew then, from reading just that small portion of text, that this book would be an important one when it was published, and from that moment I also wanted to have a hand in promoting the book and its author. So I am very happy to feature Peter Midgley as today’s Reading Recommendation!

2009e26_-_Peter_Midgley (Charles Earle)Peter Midgley

What is your latest release and what genre is it?
Counting Teeth: A Namibian Story – Travel/Memoir

Quick description: Counting Teeth recounts a trip my daughter and I took through Namibia, exploring the country, its history and my connection to it. We follow the trail of the wars that led to independence for this African nation and consider the significance of returning the indigenous skulls that were taken to Germany during the first genocide of the twentieth century.

CT Cover

Brief biography:
Peter Midgley is an author, editor and playwright based in Edmonton, Alberta. He is a storyteller and author of three children’s books. His plays have been performed in Namibia and South Africa. Born in Namibia and raised there and in South Africa, he came to Canada in 1999 with his family to pursue his studies and found himself staying, though he questions the wisdom of that decision every winter. His daughter, Sinead, is a regular travel companion when he returns to the African continent.

Peter is so humble he failed to mention in his bio that he was recently named the 2013 recipient of the Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence by the Editors Association of Canada for editing a book of poetry written by Kimmy Beach – another Reading Recommendations author! Oh, yes … and he’s also President of the Writers’ Guild of Alberta.

Links to buy Peter’s book:
Wolsak & Wynn

Peter’s promo links:

What are you working on now?
I work on several projects at once until one of them takes on a life of its own and forces itself to conclusion. Right now, that is a book of poetry. On the boiler are a novel, another nonfiction project, a third collection of poetry and some children’s picture books.

Peter’s reading recommendation:
I’ve been on an Afrikaans writers binge lately—Karel Schoeman, Etienne Leroux, Etienne van Heerden, and Eben Venter, among others. It’s hard to choose a favourite among them.

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