Gail Norton & Karen Ralph – Calgary Cooks

I first met Gail Norton in the early 80s when I worked at Books n Books on Calgary’s 17th Avenue, and Gail and her mother, Jean, were opening The Cookbook Company within the next block. It’s been many years since, and The Cookbook Company has not only survived, but thrived, becoming one of the best independent bookstores in Canada. Now, along with selling gourmet foodstuffs, opening a cooking school, leading travel-cooking schools in Europe, a catering company, and publishing City Palate Magazine, Gail has also found the time to write several cookbooks. Calgary Cooks is her most recent.

Gail and KarenGail Norton & Karen Ralph

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Calgary Cooks – a cookbook

Quick description: 39 chefs, 40 restaurants between two covers. Two signature recipes from 40 Calgary restaurants, caterers and retailer.


Brief biography:
Gail Norton is the owner of The Cookbook Co. Cooks, a Calgary culinary hub, cookbook author, and Publisher of City Palate Magazine.

Karen Ralph is an artist, a writer, and currently works at MetroVino.

Links to buy Calgary Cooks:
All around Calgary. And online at The Cookbook Co. Cooks website.
Figure 1 Publishing

Gail and Karen’s promo links:
Figure 1 Publishing

What are you working on now?
Gail is working on getting the store ready for the busy season.

Gail’s reading recommendation:
I love all the Otto Lenghi cookbooks, Sunday Suppers at Luques is my go to book for inspiration … so many!

Other titles in this series from Figure 1 Publishing:
Toronto Cooks
Edmonton Cooks
Ottawa Cooks
Winnipeg Cooks
Montreal Cooks

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