Marika Deliyannides

IMG_6687finalbw5x7 (2)Marika Deliyannides

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Bitter Lake, a novel

Quick description: Set in both Calgary and rural Alberta, Bitter Lake tells the story of professional organizer Zoe Lemonopolous who finds herself well employed, married to a kind if dull dentist, and pregnant. She’s agreed to have the baby but cannot imagine herself as a mother. Although her life has all the hallmarks of the successful adult existence she was sure she wanted, she senses her life spiralling out of control. Everything is further turned upside down when she reluctantly agrees to spend a week away from her carefully composed life in downtown Calgary.

An excerpt of Bitter Lake was awarded the Brenda Strathern Prize for most promising first fiction and was also published in Alberta Views Magazine as winner of its annual fiction contest.

book cover3

Brief biography:
Marika is a graduate of the University of Alberta‘s English program, has published several short stories in literary magazines, and has been a business writer in Edmonton and Calgary, producing magazine articles, business copy and speeches. She currently lives in Calgary with her husband and two children.

Links to buy Marika’s book and promo links:
Marika’s website for links to Amazon, Chapters Indigo, Porcupine’s Quill and independent bookstores.

What are you working on now?
Marika is currently at work on her second novel—a story about disillusioned 40-something professionals living in an urban Calgary neighbourhood, whose domestic dramas are heightened by unexplained happenings each morning in their community park.

Marika’s reading recommendation:
Recently I read The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta. It was recommended to me as an example of writing that treats a mysterious phenomenon in an everyday way. My new novel features UFOs—a difficult subject to make believable!

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