Marianne Jones – new novel update

Marianne Jones was previously featured on Reading Recommendations in April, 2014, and is back now to tell us of the release of her new novel!


The Serenity Stone Murder
by Marianne Jones
published by Split Tree Publishing
is a cozy mystery set in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

What are two nice middle-aged church ladies doing at a New Age goddess conference? And what does it have to do with the mysterious death of Thunder Bay’s casino manager? Will Mary Carlisle, organist at St. Stephen’s Church, capture the heart of Thomas Greenfield, church gardener?

Find out the answers to these, and other burning questions in The Serenity Stone Murder, a kinder, gentler murder mystery set in Thunder Bay, Ontario, home of the Sleeping Giant, the Hoito Restaurant, and the world-famous “Persion” cinnamon bun. For those who like their mysteries served up with a side dish of humour.

To hear an interview about The Serenity Stone Murder, check out Superior Morning on CBC Radio.

Available for purchase from:
Split Tree Publishing – Print
Amazon Canada – eBook and print
Amazon US – eBook and print
Amazon UK – eBook and print
Amazon Australia
Amazon Germany
Amazon India
Smashwords – eBook
iTunes – eBook
Barnes & Noble – eBook and print
Chapters/Indigo – eBook
Oyster Books


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