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What is your latest release and what genre is it? I write two series, and the latest release is part of the Sandi Webster Mysteries, titled What Are the Odds? The genre is soft-boiled female P.I. with a little cozy mystery mixed in. All of the books are lighter reading with some humor.

Quick description: What are the odds of buying a house with a history to turn into a bed and breakfast, and discovering it’s the house that just keeps giving – and giving, and giving?

Sandi Webster and her partner, Peter Goldberg, forego a honeymoon to help her parents renovate just such a house only to discover there’s more to the home’s history than meets the eye. Stanley Hawks and his new wife, Felicity, are along for the ride and he has to face some of his worst fears.

This is an adventure these friends will long remember.

What Are the Odds Final

Brief biography:
Marja McGraw has past experience in both criminal and civil law enforcement, and she occasionally calls on this experience when writing her mysteries. She’s lived in California, Nevada, Oregon, Alaska and Arizona. She writes two series: the Sandi Webster Mysteries (female P.I.), and the Bogey Man Mysteries (amateur P.I. husband and wife team), both of which take place in Los Angeles. With her love of dogs, she’s included two yellow Labrador retrievers and a half Golden retriever/half wolf in her stories.

Her hobby is photography, and she says that writing as a job is the most fun she’s ever had. She and her husband now live in Arizona, where life is good.

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What are you working on now?
How Now Purple Cow – A Bogey Man Mystery (Think cozy mystery, old-time spies and fun)

Marja’s reading recommendation:
Most recently read books:
Patricia Gligor – Just reread her Halloween slanted story, Mixed Messages – A Malone Mystery
Lesley Diehl – Dead in the Water (An Eve Appel Mystery)
Carolyn J. Rose – No Substitute for Maturity

5 thoughts on “Marja McGraw

  1. Marja, I’ve probably “said” this a hundred times, at least, but I love both of your mystery series! My favorite of the two, if I had to pick, is your Sandi Webster series, including “What are the Odds?” Great characterization and intriguing plot! Keep ’em coming!

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