Eileen Bell – update on a new novel

Eileen Bell was previously featured on Reading Recommendations as a member of The Apocalyptic Four in January, 2014.

AUthor photo - close - colour 2013 Eileen Bell (I’m writing as E.C.Bell, this time)

What is your latest release and what genre is it? My latest release, and my first “on my own” novel, is Seeing the Light, a Marie Jenner Mystery. It is — surprise surprise — a mystery. Paranormal mystery to be a bit more exact. With dollops of romance and humour, just to spice it up.

Quick description: Marie Jenner has never had much luck. Her job sucks. Her apartment — the one with the unbreakable lease — has a ghost. And worst of all, her mother won’t let up about her joining the “family business.” Since that business is moving the spirits of the dead on to the next plane of existence and doesn’t pay at all, Marie’s not interested. She wants a normal job — a normal life. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

Apparently, it is. Even when she applies for the job of her dreams, Marie doesn’t get what she wants. Well, not entirely. She does get the job — but she also gets another ghost. Farley Hewitt, the newly dead caretaker of the building, wants her to prove his death is not an accident, and she’s pretty sure he’s going to haunt her until she does.

All Marie wants is normal. She isn’t going to get it.

seeing the light cover 1

If you’re in Edmonton or Calgary, please drop by one (or both!) of Eileen’s launches.
Edmonton: November 4, 2014, 7 pm
Audreys Books,
10702 Jasper Ave NW, Edmonton

Calgary: November 7, 2014, 7 pm
Owl’s Nest Books,
815A 49 Ave SW, Calgary

Brief biography:
Eileen Bell has written most of her life (usually as an antidote to whatever day job she had) and has had short fiction published in magazines and several anthologies, including the double Aurora Award-winning Women of the Apocalypse.

Recently, she and three other writers had a collaborative novel, The Puzzle Box, published through EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing. Her own paranormal mystery, Seeing the Light, has recently been published through Tyche Books.

When she’s not writing or editing or thinking about writing, she’s living a fine life in her round house (even if it is in a perpetual state of renovation) with her husband and two dogs.

Links to buy Eileen’s book:
Tyche Books
Amazon US – eBook and paperback
Amazon Canada – eBook and paperback
Kobo – eBook
Chapters/Indigo – eBook

Eileen’s promo links:

What are you working on now?
I am working on the second in the Marie Jenner Mystery Series (yay!) working title Trapped in Amber. I’m also working on a post apocalyptic story that started as a lark but is getting too good to put aside. (Yay for that, too.) And in the moments I have left, I’m organizing all my 10th Circle Project writing (an online writing experiment that left me with 70,000 words of a really interesting story) into a novel of some sort.

Eileen’s reading recommendation:
I am reading On Spec’s 25th anniversary anthology, Casserole Diplomacy and Other Stories right now, and am enjoying it very much.

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