Paul Butler Recommends Lesleyanne Ryan

Third installment of a new feature on the Reading Recommendations blog, in which I ask established authors to recommend an author whose work has impressed them recently and who they would like to promote to my readers.

SONY DSC Braco by Lesleyanne Ryan

Genre: Literary fiction

Quick Description: Braco tells the story of six people during the days following the fall of Srebrenica, Bosnia, when thousands of men and boys were murdered by the Bosnian Serb army.


A brief bio:
Lesleyanne was born and raised in St. John’s, Newfoundland. A retired veteran who served in Bosnia in 93/94, she graduated from Memorial University with a BA in English and Diploma in Creative Writing in 2008. Her short stories have won four times at the NL Arts and Letters Awards and three have been published. Braco is her first novel. She lives near St. John’s with her two cats.

See more about Lesleyanne Ryan and her writing by visiting her website.

Why I recommend this book: The author has done a terrific job of dramatizing a tragic and traumatic story using multiple narratives. We feel the experiences of soldiers on all sides as well as peacekeepers, civilian women and children, and journalists. A former peacekeeper in the region herself, Ryan allows her reader to live through these experiences and her approach to the subject is sensitive, humane and fair minded.

Link to buy Braco:
Breakwater Books
Amazon – eBook and paperback

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