Laura Bradbury

DSC_2953 (2)Laura Bradbury

What is your latest release and what genre is it? My Grape Village (Travel / Living abroad memoir)

Quick description: Five years after My Grape Escape, Laura and Franck are back in Burgundy to tackle their newest project, a derelict 16th century winemaker’s cottage located behind Franck’s family home. Not only is this a daunting rebuild from the ground up, Laura and Franck now have two preschoolers adjusting to the foreign customs of a French school. Navigating the different rules for raising children and managing a family in a small French village prove every bit as challenging for Laura as learning to drive a stick shift through narrow streets, or arguing with the Architect of French Monuments over permissible paint colors (spoiler alert: any color as long as it’s gray). Come along on this evocative and honest journey where love, coupled with good French food and local wine, pave the way to la belle vie.


Brief biography: Laura Bradbury, her french husband Franck, and their three Franco-Canadian daughters share their time between Victoria, Canada, and Burgundy, France, where they own and manage four vacation rentals in the vineyards, including a 16th century restored winemaker’s cottage and a 13th century wine cellar under the streets of Beaune.

Links to buy Laura’s book:
Amazon – eBook & paperback

Laura’s promo links:
You can learn more at Laura’s website. Laura wastes too much time on Facebook and goofs around with her fellow writers on Twitter. You can see (and rent!) their vacation rentals at Grape Rentals.

What are you working on now?
The third book in the Grape series about how Laura and Franck met during her first year in Burgundy as an exchange student, entitled My Grape Year.

Laura’s reading recommendation:
Georgette Heyer The Grand Sophy

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