Oliver Chase

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What is your latest release and what genre is it? Blind Marsh (sequel and last book to Marsh Island of The Hirebomber Series) – thriller/suspense, crime, mystery

Quick description: Phillip Pfeiffer is sent home from the Gulf War with a broken back and a bad taste in his mouth. His country all but forgot its promise and left him to die on the battlefield. Only luck or providence, and an iron will let a wandering band of nomads save him. Out of uniform, Phil opens a modest private investigation agency in downtown Phoenix. When a widow convinces him to secure a death certificate for a husband killed while boating in Mexico, people start dying. After the photos of a look-a-like husband appear in a celebrity magazine, Phil goes to Oregon. When, the celebrity suddenly dies in an aircraft accident, Phil is left to swim for his life, survive on a coral atoll, and face a murder charge that ends him in a Bahamian prison.

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Brief biography:
Oliver Chase grew up on military bases throughout the U.S. enjoying convertibles, beaches, and drive-ins. With Herb, his best friend, he joined a college program for the Marines. A few years later with a Smith Corona in hand, Oliver landed in the same war and not far from the spot where Herb died. With thirty other young men, he flew day and night with the intent to come home alive. Several did not. A thousand missions later, the typewriter and he moved to the Navajo Indian reservation in New Mexico where busy days and long nights healed the soul.

The years and venue changed, yet the writing never stopped. The Smith was traded for a Zenith, Mac, and a PC as The Hirebomber Crime SeriesMarsh Island and Blind Marsh were born.

Today, Ollie lives along the Gulf of Mexico with free roaming farm animals and friendly dogs. He flies a Grumman Tiger and swims to regenerate a fertile mind. Soon, he will put the finishing touches on Levant Mirage, a story about the world’s survival in the face of extremism. The first draft of The Joshua Tree, will complete next spring. A rising political star faces the temptation of power and the corruption success engenders.

Links to buy Oliver’s books:
Smashwords – eBook
Amazon – eBook and paperback

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Amazon – eBook and paperback

Oliver’s promo links:
GCWA Authors

What are you working on now?
Levant Mirage – Spring 2015
The Joshua Tree – Winter 2016

Oliver’s reading recommendation:
The Keys by Frank Wilem
A Dangerous Element by Gregory Lamb

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