Neil Bennion – update on a new travel book … and it’s FREE!

Neil Bennion was previously promoted on Reading Recommendations in Dec., 2014, and is back now to tell us of a new short book about travel in Colombia he’s published that is absolutely FREE!

47 Colombia

47 Amazing Things To See And Do In Colombia
by Neil Bennion

Travel Guide

Detailed guides are great. But when you’re putting together your rough itinerary, you don’t always need up-to-the-minute peso prices, opening hours on public holidays and the nicknames of all the local bus drivers. Sometimes you just want a quick heads up, so you know what’s what.

This is that guide.

Quick read – an hour or two at most and you’ll be up to speed on what Colombia has to offer
Humorous – the author’s light-hearted humour makes this a breezy read
Photos – give you a feel for what to expect in advance
Maps – put all the experiences into geographical context
Digested History – provides perspective without getting boring

Link to blog post about 47 Amazing Things To See And Do In Columbia.

As the name suggests, this is a book of cool things to do in Colombia, and is based largely on the knowledge the author gained while writing Dancing Feat. It’s a quick read, being only about 16,000 words, and you can download it for free at the following places:
Amazon UK
Barnes and Noble

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