E. Graziani

E. Graziani Bio PhotoE. Graziani

What is your latest release and what genre is it? War In My Town – a memoir and true story of my mother, Bruna’s experiences in her Nazi-occupied village in Tuscany, Italy during WWII.

Quick description: This is a touching and at times, harrowing account of teenaged Bruna’s idyllic life turned upside down when her small Italian village becomes the centre of fighting in the last months of the Second World War.


Brief biography:
E. Graziani is a teacher and self-proclaimed life-long learner who believes in constantly setting new goals for herself and working hard to achieve them. Her love of history, word artistry, and storytelling help to fuel these goals as do her students who particularly enjoy her classroom read alouds. She has worked with the Alzheimer Society of Canada to raise awareness and educate people regarding this disease and also enjoys speaking to high school English classes about her writing and inspirations. She resides in Stoney Creek, Ontario, with her husband and four daughters. Other books by E. Graziani – Alice of the Rocks, Jess Under Pressure.

Links to buy E. Graziani’s book:
From publisher, Second Story Press
From Amazon

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What are you working on now?
I am working on the sequel to Alice of the Rocks – a young adult fiction which is currently #1 on the Goodreads YA Time Travel Romance List.

E. Graziani’s reading recommendation:
I am absolutely loving A Brief History Of The Universe by J.P. McEvoy – He writes about the story of astronomy but from a totally humanistic perspective – more about the people who contributed to scientific advances rather than the advances themselves.

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