Gail Bowen Recommends Suzanne North

9781927366233 Flying Time
by Suzanne North
Publisher: Brindle & Glass, Victoria

Literary Fiction

Quick description: Flying Time is a novel about memory. The narrator, Kay Jeynes, is now in her late 80’s but her focus is on the years between 1939 to 1942 when, as a naive young Calgarian, she was the secretary of Japanese-Canadian businessman Hero Miyashita. The relationship between Kay’s family and the Miyashitas, initially wary, grows to warm intimacy, but the clouds of war are gathering. The book ends as the Japanese navy prepares to attack Pearl Harbour, and a dark chapter of Canadian history is about to begin.

3443_216 Why I recommend this book: Flying Time is a beautifully written evocation of a particular time in the life of Canadians. Most importantly it is a book with a heart, a brain and a funny bone. I recommend this book because I know readers will love it as much as I did.

Links for people to buy it:
Brindle & Glass

Gail Bowen_photo_Dale_Williams Guest reviewer’s latest title or project: Gail Bowen’s 15th Joanne Kilbourn Shreve novel, 12 Rose Street was published by Random House of Canada on March 3, 2015.

Gail has been previously featured on Reading Recommendations.

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