Hubert O’Hearn

While preparing this post, I discovered that Hubert O’Hearn attended Queen’s University at Kingston immediately after I graduated. He also studied English Literature with many of the same professors as I, so we had a delightful chat on Facebook about our memories of those days and the people who taught us. Thanks, Hubert!

Hubert profile Hubert O’Hearn

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Joss Whedon: The Making of a Cult Superhero – biography

Quick description: Critical biography, going into detail on all of Whedon’s written and/or directed TV series, movies, and the comic books he has authored

whedon cover

Brief biography:
Born in Canada, moved to Ireland end of 2012. Wrote Inside Television newspaper column for 12 years. Former book editor, Herald de Paris; currently Contributing Editor/Interviewer for San Francisco Book Review. Six produced plays. Also author Random Acts of Love (poetry).

Links to buy Hubert’s book:

Hubert’s promo links:
Website and Book Review blog

What are you working on now?
1) I’m finishing a suite of four One Act plays on a theme of Human Rights
2) My Human Rights reader (For Freedom Vol. 1: The Fight for Global Human Rights 1948-2015) is due for release this fall
3) And I’m working on a bio of Bono, centered on his work as a Human Rights activist

Hubert’s reading recommendation:
I read (and interviewed) a fantastic new writer based out of San Francisco named Sean Taylor. He has a book of short stories called Your Smallest Bones. He gets it. He really really gets it.

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