There’ll Be Some Changes Made …

I was reminded of the Mark Knopfler/Chet Atkins duet when beginning to write this post about the *NEW AND IMPROVED* Reading Recommendations! Although, I won’t be wearing a toupée anytime soon!

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After promoting more than 200 authors and their books, I decided to change the focus of this blog. For a few months I have been contacting authors directly – those I’ve discovered through Goodreads, through interviews conducted by other bloggers, Facebook, or authors I know personally. And that’s been working well for me as I believe readers will agree these promotions I’ve presented have been terrific. I know many of you have discovered new favourite authors through this blog, because you’ve told me so. But all of this does take a lot of time in tracking down the authors, getting them to send their completed questionnaires in a timely fashion (tap, tap, tap!), then formatting and scheduling the post – not to mention promoting after that. It’s time to step back a bit and take a rest. (It’s also time to get back to writing my own second novel!)

So I will be very selective about who I promote from here on in. Authors will either be personally known to me or have written a book I especially enjoyed reading or have hosted me on their own blog for a review or interview or been published by a company I know and respect. I think this will mean I only post new promotions once a week or so. Maybe less often than that.

But, in the meantime, I’m going back through the list of authors who have already been promoted on this site and will give some of them a second full promotion. I’ll be sending out a new questionnaire to be completed that I hope will give readers more insight into the authors’ lives and careers and will also allow the authors a chance to update us on ALL their publications. To be fair, I’ll primarily be promoting those authors who, in turn, have continued to promote the site, their fellow authors, and me and my books since they first appeared on Reading Recommendations.

Thanks to everyone who has subscribed to and followed and shared and told their friends about books they’ve discovered on Reading Recommendations! That was the point in creating this blog in the first place – to bring attention to many authors and find them readers, and recommend great books to readers. Because it seems that I’m just a gal who can’t say no to being an Author Impresario!

I also could not have done this without all the authors and readers participating in this blog – Thank You Very Much!

23 thoughts on “There’ll Be Some Changes Made …

  1. I think it’s a good idea to step back and refocus. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having me and my book, Princess of the Light, featured here. It really meant a lot. I am one of those readers who have discovered new authors and I thank you for that! I love supporting authors, indie and traditional, and will continue to support this amazing place!

    You take care, Susan! 🙂

  2. Susan, thank you for the notice of changes to “Reading Recommendations.” You’ve provided an invaluable service to self-published authors and readers alike. That you will continue to do so, albeit less frequently, is a gift to others that is much appreciated. As someone new to the world of self-published authors and books, I’ve found your site very helpful, so thank you. It is very time consuming to do so many reading recommendations, so I’m glad to hear you won’t be getting a toupée any time soon from ripping your hair out! Good luck on your second novel. I hope you’ll keep us up-to-date on how it’s progressing from time to time.

  3. It sounds like exciting changes are ahead for you and your blog. It’s always helpful to take a step back and evaluate. I’ve done the same thing with my blog a couple of times. I think these changes will help you free up time to focus on your own work, which is very important. I can’t wait to read your new novel! Thank you for everything you’ve done for authors and readers. I’ve learned so much from you and I’ve discovered several new authors here on Reading Recommendations. I’ll continue to support your efforts any way I can.

    • I’ve already freed up so much time this morning that I can wash and hang the laundry! But, seriously, a change is as good as a rest and I do look forward to getting back to my own writing. Thanks for all your help and support, Tricia!

  4. I’ve done similarly with my book reviews. I updated my policy to say I’m only reviewing books for blog readers/commenters. I just don’t have enough time to act as a free book reviewer providing an editorial insight, and on top of that being complained at if I don’t give a whizzy review for a not good book.

    I’m all for contributing to the indie community but I’d prefer to put my time into people who actually at least take the time to stop by my blog occasionally.

  5. You’ve done a great service to so many with your hard work of searching new authors and preparing to showcase them. A change is as good as a rest and how better to utilize your time for your next book. I thank you for my time here and for the opportunity that gave me. I wish you the best in your new endeavors.

  6. Thank you for all you do!

    On a personal level, thanks for featuring me and my books. Unelmoija: Paradox, book five and the final book in the series, was published recently, first in digital format and last week in print.

    If you ever decide to read urban fantasy you are invited to read the series. Just email me, say the word and I’ll be happy to gift you digital copies.

  7. If anyone has earned a break, Susan, it’s you. Unencumbered writing time is a treasure – enjoy every moment of it. I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to the supportive circle of talented writers I now call friends, yourself included. I’m looking forward to reading That Last Summer, this summer.

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