Tim Baker – Reading Recommendation Revisited

Tim Baker was the second author featured on Reading Recommendations way back in November, 2013, and he’s been a terrific support of the site, and of me and my books – as well as being a great pal! – ever since. He also came back during the following year with updates on new books in August, 2014, and November, 2014. So when I decided to begin offering new promotions to authors I’d already featured, it was definite I had to begin with Tim! He even came up with the name for the series:
Reading Recommendation Revisited!
Welcome back, Tim Baker!

Tim 973

RRR: Since your first promotion on RR, what have you been doing?
TB: If memory serves the last thing I shared with your audience was the release of Path of a Bullet, A Collection of Short Stories Featuring Ike. Since then I have begun work on my next novel. It’s a book I began writing in 1988, but never finished. Rather than trying to finish the one I started, I am starting from scratch, keeping the overall concept and theme (Karma) and bringing the story into the 21st century. Full Circle will explore how our actions not only affect others, but how they also have a way of coming back to us.

It will be a slight departure from my usual work. I’m not sure if Ike will even appear or not, but rest assured Ike’s next adventure is ready to be written as soon as Full Circle is complete (No promises, but the next Ike book may even be out before Christmas, if I can finish Full Circle early enough).

poster 12-4-14

RRR: What else have you been doing, outside of writing?
TB: Between writing and marketing I don’t have too much time for mountain climbing and such, but I did do something recently that I was very happy to accomplish. While in high school I became a certified SCUBA diver. It was fun and easy, since I had lots of disposable income and plenty of free time. Back then I did some diving in Rhode Island, but nothing to rave about.

After college I found myself in the role of “single, working parent” so SCUBA was the first luxury to be cast aside. My gear was sold off for a ridiculously low price, and I figured it was “fun while it lasted.” At least I could always say I had done it.

This year, after the release of Eyewitness Blues, I decided to get back in the water. I found a dive instructor and explained my situation. He gave me a fast-track recertification course and I am happy to say I am, once again, a certified SCUBA diver. I can also say that diving off the coast of Florida is a far cry from diving in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island!!

RRR: Is there one marketing tip or trick you discovered while promoting your own books that worked particularly well and that you’d like to share with other authors?
TB: I wish I could say “Yes, do this, that and the other thing, and you’ll sell a million books.” But, since I am not writing this from the deck of my yacht, I obviously haven’t discovered the magic potion of marketing. My approach is to be relentless, and to keep trying different things. The way I see it is this … and I’ll probably write a blog post about this, so you’re hearing it here first!! Selling your books is like getting thrown off a boat in the middle of the ocean. Your only choice is to swim your ass off until you reach land, either that or sink and drown.

RRR: Please recommend three other authors whose work you have “discovered” or rediscovered this past year whom every reader should consider reading.
TB: The first name I want to put out there is Walker Newton. Walker passed away recently, but prior to his passing, he and I had begun to develop a friendship. He wrote stories in a similar vein as mine, based in St. Augustine. We exchanged books recently and I really love his work.

Second on the list would be my good friend Becky Pourchot. Becky began her career writing personal memoirs, then moved to YA Paranormal stories. Her new book, Open Souls, is an adult, paranormal thriller. I had the pleasure of being one of her beta-readers and I can honestly say that it’s a very enjoyable book.

Third – I would like to promote the Holy Trinity of Florida Crime Fiction – three authors whose work is near-and-dear to my heart not only because they all write stories set in Florida, but because they all share my offbeat style of storytelling. It’s no surprise that my work has been compared to all three of them since they are three of my four favorite authors. They are Tim Dorsey, Carl Hiassen and Randy Wayne White.

Thank you, Tim!

29 thoughts on “Tim Baker – Reading Recommendation Revisited

  1. Tim is a fabulous storyteller and has the ability to make his stories jump off the page. I have also had the pleasure of appearing on his radio show in Flagler Beach,FL on Surf Radio 93.7 on Friday nights. Tim is equally good as a DJ/interviewer with great taste in music. I hope he finds that “magic potion of marketing” he refers to in the article.

  2. I now have more books to add to my TBR pile! Thanks for the spotlight on Tim. He is a new-to-me author and I look forward to becoming acquainted with his work.

  3. Fascinating author and intriguing books! I will follow links and find two things so I can have a chance to win one of his books! Nice to meet you, Tim! Best wishes!

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