Geoff Le Pard – an update on a new book

Geoff Le Pard was previously featured on Reading Recommendations in Feb. 2015. He’s back to tell us of a new novel he’s recently published.

My father and other liars final for kindle 6 July

My Father and Other Liars
by Geoff Le Pard
Fiction, Suspense/Thriller

When British freelancer Maurice Oldham finds his father, having thought him dead for decades, all he wants to do is exact some sort of revenge. He follows him to a ProLife conference his father is covering in San Francisco with the aim of finding out more about his father’s life. But his initial anger is already fading when Maurice finds himself sharing a lift with American geneticist Lori-Ann Beaumont who is escaping from a pack of journalists, one of whom is Maurice’s father. Maurice does Lori-Ann a small favour but does not expect to see her again.

Six months on, and Lori-Ann is on Maurice’s doorstep, bruised, penniless and desperate to find her boyfriend, Peterson, who has gone missing in England. Gradually Maurice is drawn into Lori-Ann’s orbit. He soon realises nothing is as it seems with Lori-Ann and the questions begin to mount.

Why is she chasing Peterson? Why has her father, Pastor of the Church of Science and Development sent people to bring her home? What is behind the Federal Agency which is investigating Lori-Ann’s workplace in connection with its use of human embryos? What happened in Nicaragua a quarter of a century ago that is echoing down the years and causing Lori-Ann and her father such anxiety?

For Maurice and Lori-Ann the answers lie somewhere in their fathers’ respective pasts. Finding those answers will take Lori-Ann and Maurice from England via America to Nicaragua; in so doing they will have to confront some uncomfortable truths about their fathers and learn some surprising things about themselves.

This book explores the interrelationship between science and religion; it digs into the ethics of using embryos in genetic research; it debates the way society treats the adult orphan. But mostly it is about fathers and their impact on their children. And a thriller!

Where Geoff’s book may be purchased:

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