Baudelaire’s Revenge – a review

Two Reading Recommendations-promoted Authors on my new blog – one reviewing a book written by the other!

reading recommendations reviewed


Baudelaire’s Revenge
by Bob Van Laerhoven
(Pegasus Crime 2014, Trade Paperback) 268 pages

Purchase copies here

Yes this novel was released in 2014 but that’s no reason to dismiss it as a dusty antique. The Bible is much older and I’ve heard rumours that it’s all the rage in equally dusty parsonages worldwide.

To tell the truth, I began reading Baudelaire’s Revenge for review because its author, Bob Van Laerhoven, was recommended to me by one of those wonderful friends one acquires by spending more time browsing book racks than dog tracks. So I contacted the Belgium-based Van Laerhoven (I believe my exact words were ‘Send me free stuff’) and while we both wait for his new story collection to be released he thought he’d send this novel along.

I’m delighted he did because Baudelaire’s Revenge allows me to wander into all sorts of interesting avenues while discussing the book’s…

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