B.R. Myers

BRMyersheadshotB.R. Myers

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Girl on the Run is a YA contemporary coming of age novel.

Quick description: Haunted by her father’s death, seventeen-year-old, track and field star, Jesse Collins turns her back on an athletic scholarship and small town whispers to spend the summer as a camp counselor—only she didn’t plan on a cabin full of delinquents, or an unlikely source to inspire her to run again.


Brief biography:
B.R. Myers spent most of her teen years behind the covers of Stephen King, Lois Duncan, and Ray Bradbury. She collects vintage jewelry, appreciates a design in her cappuccino, and believes bacon makes everything better. When she’s not putting her characters in awkward situations she works as a registered nurse. She lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia with her husband and their two children.

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What are you working on now?
I’m excited to be launching a new YA paranormal mystery. Night Shift, the first book in the trilogy, will be available early next year. I also have the sequel to Asp of Ascention coming out. Diadem of Death, the second book in the Nefertari Hughes Mystery Series, is due for publication July 2016. It’s available for pre-order now.

B.R. Myers’s reading recommendation:
I was able to read an advance copy of Natalie Corbett Sampson’s It Should Have Been a Good Day (February 2016).

Told through the voices of four distinct students, the book showcases how the events of a regular day at school lead to an unpredictable tragedy, proving everyone has their own reality, and no one is who they really seem to be.

Tackling a difficult subject, Sampson excels at dissecting the struggles of today’s teens with a writing style that is raw, but genuine and straight forward. With an authentic tone grounded in gritty realism, the novel shies away from morbid voyeurism and instead invites the reader to consider the negative consequences of being labeled in our society, and whether any of us has the right to judge each other.

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