Welcome to My Virtual Bookstore!

Pssst! Readers and Authors – would you like a virtual job in my virtual bookstore? The pay is lousy, I’m afraid, as you’ll be making the same amount I make from this enterprise, which is $0, but you’ll be performing a good deed by spreading the word about a list of more than 250 Authors I’m offering to everyone in the world to consider checking out – Authors who have written many, many books that deserve attention from Readers everywhere! So, if you’re interested in being a “clerk” please share, retweet, comment on, and generally let everyone know that my Virtual Bookstore, Reading Recommendations, is open for the business of recommending GREAT books! Authors, please do share your own links, but remember that your fans who have already read your books will appreciate discovering more to read, so do share other links as well.

Trust me … not only will you virtual clerks be helping to spread the word about this virtual bookstore and the selection of books, both print and digital, on its shelves, but you’ll also get a warm and fuzzy glow inside by helping me to promote GREAT Authors and their books, and promoting reading in general! And this bookstore will continue to remain open 24/7, 365 days of the year … long after any holidays or gift-giving time has passed.

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During the 80s I worked in a Calgary bookstore that didn’t really “do” the Christmas thing. We sold philosophy (Eastern and Western), books on math and physics, Eastern religions, stacks of the I Ching (the Princeton University Press grey-dustjacket hardcover edition), books for gays and lesbians (looong before anyone else had “gender” sections, when stores were still being “busted” for carrying so-called “obscene” literature – for instance, we sold many, many copies of Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City series), armchair travel rather than travel guides, only vegetarian and macrobiotic cooking in the cookbook section, none of the big bestsellers or even books for children. But we did stock new age and progressive music … on vinyl. The fiction section was one long wall, packed, floor to ceiling, with a ladder to access the nether regions. That section wasn’t divided into genre or nationality either, but was alphabetized according to…

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