A Happy New Year of Reading!


Here at Reading Recommendations I’m taking a few days off from posting new promotions to enjoy the end of the holidays. But next week I’ll be back with many new author promotions, some updates from previously featured authors, as well as a few reviews over on the reading recommendations reviewed blog site.

I’d like to take a moment though, before I go off to drink champagne and watch the fireworks at midnight on Bequia, to thank all Readers who have supported this blog and as well the authors I’ve promoted here these past two years. It’s been my pleasure to bring you these Reading Recommendations as I truly enjoy finding new authors and new books to read myself. I know how difficult the discovery of great reading material can be, so I hope I’ve helped some of you by steering you in the right direction from time to time.

And I want to thank the authors I’ve promoted along the way. What a talented and supportive group of people you are! Thank you for participating, for sharing your own reading recommendations, and for writing in the first place!

Happy New Year to Everyone! I hope you all join me in planning to read lots of books durimg 2016! Just be sure to drop by here from time-to-time for many more GREAT READING RECOMMENDATIONS!!

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