Alison Ripley Cubitt

ARC Profile Pic 2015Alison Ripley Cubitt

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Castles in the Air: A Family Memoir of Love and Loss – memoir, non-fiction

Quick description: A daughter is forced to confront the uncomfortable truths about her mother’s seemingly ordinary life. By trying to make sense of the past, will she feel able to move on with her future? Honest yet unsentimental and told with abundant love and compassion, Castles in the Air is a profoundly moving portrait of a woman’s life, hopes and dreams, in an era when women couldn’t have it all.


Brief biography:
I’m an author, memoirist, novelist and screenwriter who co-writes thrillers (with Sean Cubitt) as Lambert Nagle. I spent fifteen years in the film and TV industry, working for companies such as the BBC and Walt Disney. But I’d always wanted to be a writer.

Links to buy Alison’s book:
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What are you working on now?
I’m working on a second thriller, Nighthawks, set in Italy and is about the trade in looted antiquities.

Alison’s reading recommendation:
On our recent annual holiday, we went to Costa Rica and I took with me Piers Alexander’s The Bitter Trade, although set in London, is about a coffee racketeer. It’s a rattling good yarn, is beautifully written, and the author has a wry wit.

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