Lockard Young – Just looked in to see what condition my condition was in

I have had the pleasure of “knowing” Lockie Young online since I first promoted him and his writing on Reading Recommendations in Dec. 2013. Lockie returned in Dec. 2014 as part of an anthology put together by another RR-promoted author, Tim Baker. (An anthology to which I had also contributed a short story!) Then he returned once again in Mar. 2015 to tell us of a new novella. Lockie has also been featured in the Reading Recommendations Revisited portion of the blog.

Throughout these past two-plus years I’ve been friends with Lockie, he has always been a bright light, full of fun, encouragement, comraderie and support for his fellow authors. He’s strived to improve his writing and find new readers for his work, all the while helping everyone else to get ahead, as well. I can see just from the number of comments he receives on Facebook whenever he posts, and what those friends say of Lockie and his writing, that he has touched many, many more people than just me. I am proud to be considered a friend of this fine man.

But, all this while, Lockie has been dealing with major health issues … life-threatening, in fact. He recently wrote a very moving, very poignant blog post that describes not only what he has been going through during a recent unexpected and lengthy hospital stay, but also how he managed to derive comfort from the one activity he has been engaged in for years now – his writing! I asked Lockie’s permission to run this post (a link to the entire post is below) so that my blog readers could read and see exactly how this very brave man is now coping with his life and the cards that have been dealt to him. He is an inspiration to me, and I hope he will be to everyone who meets Lockie through his writing here and in his published work and blog. Thank you, Lockie, for continuing to write and to inspire!

(When I first thought of posting an update about Lockie Young, this old song immediately popped into my mind so I just had to use the line for the post title. Lockie approved! Here’s a link to the original from The First Edition – and a very young Kenny Rogers! And there’s Mickey Jones on drums, Tim Baker!!)

Lockie Head Shot

Reflections from a Hospital Window
by L.F.Young

Streetlights blinking, winking and twinkling on the inky black stripe on the horizon, eyes of the city, waiting to greet the new day like a child in sleepy wakefulness. The first shades of bright above black ribbon, shot full of colors yet to grow into crimson, blues and purples, highlight the long thin clouds above in a sky just starting to lighten and asking the stars to please go to sleep, your time complete, now let the sun command.

Steam from a pipe on the roof below, a phantom, twisting and rolling into nothingness in the ice cold on the other side of the pane, makes me think of a dream, a fragile dream, escaping into unknown realms between here and there.
Shadow shapes now taking form, show their hidden likeness against the backdrop of night turned light, darkness no more. Black tree branches, devoid of leaf in this winter slumber, stretch gnarly fingers to the heavens in silent prayer.
A church spire, standing tall and pointed, protruding into the reds, competes with the reflection in the window of a walker and wheelchair, left abandoned in the hallway behind me, a reminder of the illusion in glass that seems so real, I need but just turn around to know where I am.

(To continue reading, please click through to the original blog post on Lockie’s Lectern.)

Book Covers

Lockie’s two eBooks are available to purchase here and here.

Lockie’s latest acceptance for publication was a short story called Old Memories. It will be published by the University of Saskatchewan in an annual journal on everything Hockey, titled Between the Lines A Journal of Hockey Literature Volume 3 2015/2016 edited by Dwayne Brenna and Sara-Jane Gloutnez. The journal features short stories and poetry from sixteen authors about the national sport.

Sending out good vibes and best wishes to you, Lockie! Readers, please post your wishes below or on Lockie’s original blog post.

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