Seumas Gallacher – a few thoughts on returning to self-publishing

Seumas Gallacher has been a long-time pal of Reading Recommendations and has done a great deal to promote (and become friends with!) many of the other authors I promote, as well as with me, and of my writing! He has been featured in the group, Reading Recommendations Revisited, and has returned to tell us of his recent publishing experience and why he switched back to self-publishing, a story that is best told in the Kind Sir’s very own inimitable style.


The Jack Calder Series
by Seumas Gallacher

… having recently returned to the ranks of the self-published author brigade, I’m delighted to report that the joy of being able once more to track my Amazon Kindle activity on a daily basis makes me a much happier scribbling bunny

… I traipsed into the realm of the ‘housed writers’ for a year, and although the good people at Crooked Cat Publishing, Stephanie and Laurence Patterson, are delightful folks, and easy to communicate with, I missed
the complete ‘control’ over my own literary destiny via the promotional push program that every author needs

… I know many authors are content to let that part of the ‘business of writing’ remain with a publisher, but I felt I needed to be closer again to the action, hence the parting of ways

… result? … my ability to monitor the movement on my sales downloads has been productive, and my titles are selling regularly, if modestly, but have certainly picked up pace from the last several months

… the most recent launch in August 2015, KILLER CITY, is doing well, but astonishingly to me, the earliest two titles, THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY and VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK have each found a new lease of readership life

… strange ol’ business, huh!…

…the universal buying links are:





Seumas’s Website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

And here’s the man himself with a poetic tribute he made to me on the occasion of Reading Recommendations‘s 2nd Anniversary!

PS. On a personal note, I have had the great honour to read all of Seumas’s novels and enjoyed every one of them, so much so that his books were included in my annual Best Books Read list – two years in a row! smt

12 thoughts on “Seumas Gallacher – a few thoughts on returning to self-publishing

  1. I have been following Seumas’ blog for a while now ( always guaranteed to bring a smile!) I loved Savage Payback and Killer City is sitting on my kindle patiently waiting as I wade through my reading list. It’s interesting that he has chosen to go back to self -publishing. I find the whole marketing thiing so daunting and have yet to find my feet. In some ways it would seem like bliss to be ‘directed’ by a publishing house, even if I still had to do much of the work myself. However, i can log in and see exactly how I am doing, check up on the little triumphs and I know I wouldn’t want to lose that. So, with the inspiration of fellow authors like Seumas I hope to step up to the marketing challenge this year! Thanks to all the authors who so generously share their experiences along the self-publishing road.

  2. I find this so helpful. I applauded Seumas’ fortune in getting published ‘regularly’ by Crooked Cat, but honestly, wondered if they could possibly promote Seumas’ books better than he does. Because from my side of the ocean, Seumas is a master at marketing and promotion, while also being an incredible supporter and helper to us other bloggers and Indie writers. Glad you’ve come back to ‘our’ side, Seumas. 🙂

  3. Thank you, Susan, for this wonderful update about Seumas! He is a lovely gentleman! Loved his book, Savage Payback! It was very entertaining and displayed his delightful sense of humor. 😘

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