Allan Hudson – Reading Recommendation Revisited

Allan Hudson has been featured previously on Reading Recommendations in Feb. 2014 when he published his first novel. Since that time, he’s been a great pal to me, to the blog, and to the other authors who have been featured here. I’ve been interviewed and have guest posted a couple of short stories on Allan’s blog, where he highlights writing by other authors, and I’ve also met a few new-to-me authors through his tireless promotion of others on social media. Allan has definitely earned a place among these special authors due to his good humour and championing of writing and books in general. Here’s Allan to tell you what he’s been up to since first appearing on this blog.


Since I’ve been featured on Reading Recommendations I have completed my debut novel, Dark Side of a Promise. I’ve made it available in both electronic and print. There was a successful book launch in September of 2014 and while sales are slow, I am still selling copies of this novel and extremely happy with the results to date. This month will see the novel in Chapters bookstores in New Brunswick and I’m very happy for this opportunity.

I have published three collections of short stories, each one dedicated to my grandchildren. Simply titled SHORTS, Vol. 1, 2 & 3. I love reading and writing short stories. My latest short story – Funeral Food – is featured this week on my blog South Branch Scribbler. I also host guest authors and 4Q Interviews with a variety of different artists on a weekly basis.

I’ve completed multiple drafts of my second novel – Wall of War –and after input from several beta readers, I am preparing it for the editor and am hoping for a launch in the fall of this years. Wall of War features my protagonist Drake Alexander and picks up where Dark Side of a Promise left off. The unlikeliest of characters, Father Suetonius Graft, is an amateur rock climber and while scaling a sheer cliff in the Andes of Peru, he makes a startling discovery, forgotten Incan gold! He retrieves an ancient artifact from the caves, proceeds to document his find, but before he can finish, events lead to his early demise and the secret remains hidden for another fifty years.

The papers and relic are discovered in 2014 and within hours, a plot is developed to assassinate the finder and steal the papers. Spanish raiders arrive in Peru once more. Can Drake Alexander save the day?


Other than writing, I am renovating a century old farmhouse near the Cocagne Bay in New Brunswick. My wife Gloria has recently retired and we are looking forward to living in the country once more. I still toil away as a jewellery consultant at my work, hoping for the day that I can sell enough books to put supper on the table.

I have no secrets or wonderful examples of new ways to market my books other than persistence. I use three social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to spread the word but it takes patience and time. It also takes good writing. I use my blog to showcase my work while helping other authors reach a new audience. Keep writing, keep publishing and keep your fingers crossed that the next one might be the biggest one!

There are two authors I have taken special notice of from Reading Recommendations (TY Susan) and one of my favorites is Lockie Young. Lockie’s novels are mainly for young adults but are a good read. I truly enjoy his short stories and recommend them to any reader. He posts much of his writing to his website.

Another RR author I am looking forward to reading is Seumas Gallacher. I follow him on Facebook and enjoy his wit and writing style. I have no doubt that his novels are worth reading. Here is Seumas’s website.

One of my favorite authors is Beth Powning and I have recently finished her latest novel, A Measure of Light. This book is one of the three finalists for the first annual New Brunswick Book Awards. The Sea Captain’s Wife is one of her best works. Beth’s website is here.

Thank you, Allan!

7 thoughts on “Allan Hudson – Reading Recommendation Revisited

  1. Great update on Allan Hudson’s latest works. The book sounds great, and the farmhouse sounds even better! I’m looking forward to the release of Wall of War.

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