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What is your latest release and what genre is it? Living in the Shadows is the last of my trilogy. It’s a Family Saga but is also a cross-over into Historical and Crime fiction.

Quick description: Living in the Shadows, set in 1969, is the story of how the next generation is forced to live with the consequences of the actions of their parents. The first book, Pattern of Shadows was inspired by my research into a disused cotton mill in Lancashire in the North of England, and its history of being the first German POW camp in the country. Pattern of Shadows begins the story of Mary Howarth, a nurse in the hospital in the camp and the consequences of fraternization in WW2. The sequel, Changing Patterns, set in 1950/51 is a stand-alone book but also continues with the story. In Living in the Shadows the dark history of the Howarth family is potrayed against the era of the sixties; of free love, cults, drugs, pop music and miniskirts.

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Brief biography:
I was brought up in a place called Saddleworth, a group of villages on the edge of the Pennines in Yorkshire. I moved to Pembrokeshire in 1979 with my husband and three small children into a half-built house in a field. I have had short stories and poems published, two stage plays performed and have written two children’s books. I tutor creative writing for adults under the Lifetime Learning Scheme for Pembrokeshire County Council and hold private creative writing workshops. I write family sagas which sometimes slide over into other genres.

Layout 1Links to buy Judith’s book:
Pattern of Shadows:
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Changing Patterns:
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Living in the Shadows:
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Judith’s promo links:
About Me
Saddleworth House Apartment

What are you working on now?
At the moment I’m writing the prequel to my trilogy and also a novel about a woman caring for her elderly mother who has dementia, which is a cross-over genre into Crime and Romance.

Judith’s reading recommendation:
May I recommend two authors, Susan? Thorne Moore and Terry Tyler. If not, I’ll stick to Terry; I’ve read most of her books and really enjoy them. She has a novella out today. Thorne has a book coming out in June, though, if you wanted to keep her in mind; she’s also a brilliant author … Sorry, am I straying from my remit?

7 thoughts on “Judith Barrow

  1. I’ve enjoyed all Judith’s books and am looking forward to the prequel to the trilogy – and the novel she mentions. I was also very moved by her novel Silent Trauma, which is based on the dreadful side effects of the drug Stilboestrol (or DES) on the daughters of the women who took it during pregnancy.
    And I totally agree with her recommendation of Terry Tyler’s work. I’ve read most of her novels and enjoyed them enormously. Must try Thorne Moore as this is the seocnd time recently I’ve heard about her. Oh, dear, so many books, so little time!

    • Thank you so much, Mary. I love both Terry’s and Thorne’s books – such different writing styles and plots but brilliant in their own ways. As you say so many books, so little time… Hope your own writing is progressing well. Jx

  2. Want to check out your books, Judith. Which one is the first one? I would like to start at the beginning. They look intriguing. Best wishes for much success, Judith! Thank you for sharing Judith with us! She is a talented and lovely lady! Blessings & hugs to both of you! xx

  3. Judith, thanks so much for this recommendation, and what a beautifully presented article this is, Susan! Lovely piece, ladies 🙂

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