Melanie Kerr

Kerr Melanie Author’s full name Melanie Kerr

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Mary Green, Historical Fiction, a drawing-room drama similar in tone and theme to works of Jane Austen.

Quick description: A coming-of-age tale, set in early 19th Century England, about an orphan girl who is raised in a wealthy family and must make her way through London society and into the wider world on her own terms.


Brief biography:
Melanie Kerr studied linguistics, English and theatre at the University of British Columbia and law at the University of Alberta. She is also the author of Follies Past: a Prequel to Pride and Prejudice. She lives in Edmonton, where she raises her three children, organizes Regency costume events, blogs on all things old and English, endeavours to take over the world and occasionally practices law.

Links to buy Melanie’s book:
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What are you working on now?
In my head, I am working on a prequel to Sense and Sensibility, as well as planning several Regency costume events. We shall see when I get the chance to actually write it!

Melanie’s reading recommendation:
I thoroughly enjoyed The Forsyte Saga by John Galsworthy. It is both witty and profound and, above all, nice and long. Aside from Jane Austen, that is one that captured me. I am also a great fan of the mini-series starring Damian Lewis. His might be one of the greatest acting performances of all time.

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