Pam Clark

Clark Headshot_0017Pam Clark

What is your latest release and what genre is it? My first novel is titled Kalyna and it is historical fiction.

Quick description: Swept up in a whirlwind courtship, Katja and Wasyl begin life anew in a Ukrainian settlement of Western Canada. The dusty Canadian prairies promise hope and independence, but when war breaks out between the old world and the new, their newfound stability is shattered. Rumours of the internment of Ukrainian-Canadians haunt the new settlers. Would the country they love betray them like this?


Brief biography: I was born in Edmonton and grew up with Ukrainian cultural traditions in my family, particularly around food and holidays. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I heard of the Ukrainian internment in Banff, Castle Mountain and researched it to find that over 24 such camps existed across Canada during WW1. The story of Kalyna derives from this experience: both family and cultural history and a desire to tell the story that needs to be shared as part of our collective history.

Links to buy Pam’s book:
Shelf Life Books
Owl’s Nest Books
Pages On Kensington

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What are you working on now?
I am currently researching and writing a thriller that takes place in Japan; it is quite a departure from Kalyna but the depth and importance of research is similar.

Pam’s reading recommendation:
I would love to recommend a few, such as Sweetland by Michael Crummey and The High Mountains of Portugal by Yann Martel. I really enjoyed The Three Sisters Hotel by Katherine Govier as she is one of my favourite writers for style and character development and her newest novel features my favourite places of Canmore and Banff National Park. (Katherine Govier was previously featured on Reading Recommendations.)

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