Douglas Morrison

DSC02114 - Copy (427x640)Douglas Morrison

What is your latest release and what genre is it? Course Correction – A thriller set in Eastern Europe

Quick description: A young Canadian, Michael Barrett, on his first trip overseas, has the misfortune to be aboard a flight hijacked to Kiev, Ukraine. After a double case of mistaken identity Michael finds himself on the run from the Mafia along with fellow passenger, Dmitri. Alone in a strange country he has no choice but to put his faith and trust in the mysterious Dmitri as the two men race for the border, hoping to keep one step ahead of the men hunting them.


Brief biography:
Still unable to decide what I want to be when I grow up I’ve held jobs ranging from restaurant manager to accountant to charter pilot and flight instructor, but the one constant in my life has been the love of books and a good story. Over the years I’ve made 15 trips to Ukraine and Eastern Europe doing volunteer work with children and young people. Despite my Scottish heritage I’m now thought of as an honorary Ukrainian by many of my friends over there who now refer to themselves as my “Ukrainian family”. During those trips I often wondered what it might be like for a Canadian to be unexpectedly dropped into the middle of Ukraine with no knowledge of the culture or the language, much like I was on my first trip. As I sat in the villages and looked over the fields of my adopted country the idea for the story of Course Correction began to form.

Links to buy Douglas’s book:
Stonehouse Publishing

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What are you working on now?
I’m currently working on two books. One is a continuation of the story of Michael and Dmitri set a year after the hijacking. Its working title is Collision Course.

The second is set during WW II and follows the story of a Norwegian Merchant Marine sailor who falls victim to a Nazi spy working undercover as an evangelist in New York Harbor. It is based on a real-life German spy named Bruckner who posed as an anti-Hitler preacher in order to disrupt the vital flow of supplies from North America to England.

Douglas’s reading recommendation:
I’m usually reading anywhere from four to six books at any one time. At the moment I’m reading Starfire by Dale Brown; The Last Great Victory by Stanley Weintraub (A day-by-day account of the last days of WW II leading up to the dropping of the bomb on Hiroshima); and Louis Riel by George F.G. Stanley.

I’ve also just completed the other four books recently released by Stonehouse Publishing and recommended all of them to my friends and family. (All promoted on Reading Recommendations: Pam Clark, Melanie Kerr, Danika Stone, N.R. Cruse.)

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