Canadian Authors for Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day, Readers!

I’m listening to the local radio station and they are playing an all-Canadian musical line-up in honour of our Country’s special day … Canada is 149 years old today!

So, I thought, why not give a shout out to those Canadian Authors who have been featured on Reading Recommendations over the past two-and-a-half years!

And, if the weather in your neighburhood is anything like what it is here today at Reading Recommendations Central, you’ll want to be curling up with a good book right about now . . . A Rain Day!


Gail Anderson-Dargatz
Apolcalyptic Four
Jerry Auld
Donna Balzer
Karen Bass
Arjun Basu
Kimmy Beach
Eileen Bell
Frank Beltrano
Rick and Erica Bergh
Laura Best
Steven Biggs
Janice Blaine
Astrid Blodgett
Jennifer Bogart
Louise Boulter
Jane Bow
Gail Bowen
Stephen Bown
Lisa Bowes
Inge Bremer-Trueman
Brian Brennan
Sharon Butala
Paul Butler
Pam Chamberlain
Marty Chan
Suzanne Church
Pam Clark
Sharon Clark
Gordon Cope
Bill Corbett
Joan Crate
Lesley Crewe
Martin Crosbie
N.R. Cruse
Marcello Di Cintio
Jennifer Ellis
Bill Engleson
Mandy Eve-Barnett
J. Michael Fay
Darlene Foster
Demetra Angelis Foustanellas
Bill Gallaher
Barbara Geiger
Don Gillmor
Sheryl Gordon
Katherine Govier
Linda Granfield
E. Graziani
Blaine Greenwood
Jacqueline Guest
Lori Hahnel
Betty Jane Hegerat
Barb Howard
Allan Hudson
Bruce Hunter
Shaun Hunter
Hazel Hutchins
Ann Ireland
Glenna Jenkins
Sharon Jennings
Marianne Jones
Teresa Karlinski
Detlef Karthaus
J.F. Kaufmann
Michael Kelly
Melanie Kerr
Fran Kimmel
Lee Kvern
Adria Laycraft
Peter Learn
Lynette Loeppky
Alice Major
Carin Makuz
Dave Margoshes
Mike Martin
Clem Martini
Shirlee Smith Matheson
R. Matthias
Steven Mayoff
Matt Mayr
Randy McCharles
Kim McCullough
Pamela McDowell
Ryan McFadden
Ken McGoogan
Craig McLay
J.P. McLean
rob mclennan
Dan McNeil
Bruce Meyer
Peter Midgley
Kirk Miles
Billie Milholland
Douglas Morrison
Lorna Schultz Nicholson
Gail Norton
Hubert O’Hearn
Collin Paulson
Linda J. Pedley
Ursula Pflug
Timothy L. Phillips
Michell Plested
Lise Guyanne Pomerleau
David A. Poulsen
Marie Powell
Maria N. Rachwal
Ken Rivard
Leo Brent Robillard
Robert Runte
Hendrik Slegtenhorst
Kristina Stanley
Fred Stenson
Eugene Stickland
Danika Stone
Susan M. Toy … A Canadian author and the brains behind Reading Recommendations
Cristy Watson
Alison Wearing
Thomas Wharton
Nicole Winters
Caroline Woodward
Lockard Young

For more Canadian Authors, check out this list of recommendations in Authors Recommending Authors!

9 thoughts on “Canadian Authors for Canada Day!

  1. Happy Canada, Susan, and thanks for the kind SO. The rain here on the west coast turned to drizzle an hour ago and now the sun is threatening! Might have to put a bookmark in the Canadian book I’m reading, and head outdoors. Cheers!

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