Agnes Mae Graham

Christopher Graham, aka Chris The Story Reading Ape*, has done a wonderful thing! He’s gathered together poetry written by his late mother, Mae Graham, and published it as an eBook, available worldwide! Here’s “Mae” to tell us about “her” new book!

Mum B&W Agnes Mae Graham (Mae)

What is your latest release and what genre is it? My Vibrating Vertabrae: and other poems

Quick description: We all have dreams, loves and hopes; but what if you are a girl growing up in 20th century Northern Ireland before, during and after the ‘Troubles’?

From the poetic thoughts of our Mother, we get a sense of what it was like, ranging from humour, sadness, wistful thinking and sometimes just downright nonsensical, these are the words of one such girl.

Each poem tells a story.


Brief biography:
I was born into a poor-in-money, rich-in-spirit-and-determination, proud, hard-working family on 2nd July, 1926.

Both my parents strongly believed that education and hard work combined were the way to success, luck playing a small part, but not to be relied on too much.

Although they both worked hard to provide a good education for all their girls, reading was our main way of learning and we devoured books.

Needless to say, I passed the work ethic and love of reading on to my own children and they have both had rich and varied lives because of it.

My father loved telling stories and reading poetry, often combining the two, so I probably got that habit from him.

My life on earth was full and varied, as you might guess from my poems.

I died on 27th December 2000, but I’m glad to say, I’ve not been forgotten.

Links to buy Mae’s book:

Mae’s promo links:
My son has a blog and decided to call himself ‘The Story Reading Ape’ (he always was a cheeky monkey although knowing him, he’d remind me that apes do not have tails) and you can see the announcement he made HERE

Mae’s reading recommendation:
I read everything and everyone, but I must confess that my favourite genre was Murder/Mysteries.

*Chris The Story Reading Ape is known far and wide or his blog and the steadfast support he offers to many self-published authors around the world – including me! I’m only too happy now to return the favour and promote this new book he’s published of his mother’s poetry.

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  1. Reblogged this on Barb Caffrey's Blog and commented:
    For some reason, when Chris the Story-Telling Ape put out the announcement that his mother’s book of poetry was now available, I didn’t see it…thankfully, Susan Toy did and recommended it. Now, I’m going to do the same thing.

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