Jerrod Edson

Jerrod Jerrod Edson

What is your latest release and what genre is it? My fifth novel, The Moon is Real, has recently been published by Urban Farmhouse Press. It’s literary fiction.

Quick description: On April 1, 2011 (the day the Harbour Bridge tolls closed), two hitmen have arrived in Saint John from Montreal to kill a local drug dealer, Eddie Smythe, who has not paid up. Smythe and a pal do their best to elude them. Connecting storylines include Eddie’s uncle who has lost his grip on reality and finds solace in the portrait of his dead sister, as well as a love story between failed poet, Charlie White, and Prin, a street-smart prostitute trying to raise a child. These two characters were first introduced in my 2005 novel, The Dirty Milkman, and I’m revisiting them six years later.

Ultimately the story examines that thin line between what’s real and what isn’t, and how we sometimes need to go a little crazy in order to stay sane. An early version of the manuscript won the WFNB’s David Adams Richards Prize in 2013.


Launch Party!!
Come on out for a pint and a book!
Here’s the link to a video of Jerrod reading from his new novel at the launch party!

Brief biography:
I was born in Saint John, NB, in 1974, and raised in Rothesay. I’m a graduate of Carleton and York Universities and have lived in Mississauga since 2004 with my wife Leigh and daughters Hadley and Harper Leigh. My other novels include The Goon (Oberon Press, 2010), A Place of Pretty Flowers (Oberon, 2007), The Dirty Milkman (Oberon, 2005), and The Making of Harry Cossaboom (Dreamcatcher Publishing, 2000).

Links to buy Jerrod’s book:
Urban Farmhouse Press

Jerrod’s promo links:
Email: jerrodedson99 (at)
My blog
NB Literary Encyclopedia
WFNB Profile

What are you working on now?
I’m just finishing my sixth novel, Dogs in Heat, and will be submitting it hopefully by early September. It’s a whacky one, way out of my comfort zone, but it works. I’ll also be promoting The Moon is Real.

Jerrod’s reading recommendation:
I’m a Hemingway addict. I’m currently reading The Nick Adams Stories to prepare for a Hemingway trip to Upper Michigan in August.

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