For Lockie …

It was with great sadness and a heavy heart I received the news yesterday morning from a mutual friend that author Lockard F. Young, or Lockie as he was know to all of us, had died in hospital, surrounded by his family. I like to think Lockie was also surrounded – via the internet – by the community of writers and readers that had been drawn to him. I for one counted Lockie as a very close member among my own “family” of writers, and he was valued here on Reading Recommendations for his support of me, this blog, and his fellow authors, as well as for his writing, his striving desire to perfect that craft, and his general good humour and comraderie – in spite of all he was suffering healthwise.


Lockie’s was one of the early promotions I posted here after I first set up the blog in November, 2013, and he has come back for several updates (and here), the most recent being this past Saturday, with news of a new print edition of his book. I know that seeing his words in actual print had been a longtime dream for Lockie. He was excited by the prospect and told me so in a private message just last week when I proposed a promotion update on this blog. Although he’s no longer here to see this dream become a reality, I’m sure he’s aware that I, and many other friends, will do everything we can to bring this new print book to the attention of readers everywhere. It’s the very least we can do for someone who was so generous with his promotion of all our books. Lockie was also a member of the Reading Recommendations Revisited group of authors – those I’ve promoted here who have gone above and beyond in giving back by way of support and promotion of me and their fellow writers.

Earlier this summer I put out a call to a group of author-friends who I’ve considered are part of my own “family” of writers as I’m planning to publish an anthology of their contributions with the title, We Are Family, under the IslandShorts imprint. Lockie was one of the very first to respond and submit a piece to me for inclusion in the book. While, Lockie won’t see the project completed, he will still be very much with us when the eBook is finally published – I’ve decided to dedicate this book to his memory.

The world is a better place having had Lockie in it. Even though I never met the man in person and had never even spoken with him online or by phone, I considered his to be among my most valued friendships. Lockie, you will be missed, but you’ll live on through the words you so generously wrote and left with us. Thank you, my friend, for writing.

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    Susan Toy with the sad news of the loss of one of the Reading Recommendations family of authors. Lockyard R. Young (Lockie) published the print version of his book Ryan’s Legend – The Early Adventure. Lockie died over the weekend and whilst he may not be here to see his book sent out across the web.. it would be wonderful if you could head over to Susan’s blog and help make this happen.

  2. It’s with profound sadness to hear of the passing of such a gentle courageous soul. Just recently gotten the great pleasure of meeting him via Facebook. Was in awe of his literary works. We are connected He and I through family as his grandson is my great nephew .I was feeling hopeful this summer we would get to meet this gentle literary genius ’twas not meant to be . It was an honour to say the least to have spoken via messenger to such a gentle yet courageous soul with so much life in him and with so much more to offer this world. You are and will always be missed by so many, that I am sure of…

  3. Lovely dedication, Susan. I am honored to be one of the authors included with Lockie in your anthology. Blessings to you for all that you do for fellow authors. My heartfelt sympathy to Lockie’s family and may his memory live on in his books. ❤

  4. Terribly tragic! Kind and loving words, Susan. Best to you, as always.

    On Tue, Dec 27, 2016 at 8:11 AM, Reading Recommendations wrote:

    > islandeditions posted: “It was with great sadness and a heavy heart I > received the news yesterday morning from a mutual friend that author > Lockard F. Young, or Lockie as he was know to all of us, had died in > hospital, surrounded by his family. I like to think Lockie was also sur” >

  5. So sad to hear of Lockies’ passing. He was a kind and gentle soul. Many nights we shared stories and poetry into the wee hours. He always offered me so much encouragement and support. His words were brilliant and my most favorite story is one that demonstrated his courage in the face of physical health challenges. He never once complained and always found a way to inspire others. Peace be with you, Lockie.

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    Thank you, Susan Toy, for sharing this sad news with us. The writing community lost a brave and brilliant member, Lockard F. Young (Lockie)~ author of “Ryan’s Legend” (A wonderful children’s book.) over the weekend and he will be sorely missed. May he rest in peace.

  7. So sorry to be reading this … not ‘sorry’, sorry just isn’t strong enough … devastated … he posted on my blog just a couple of days ago … I had no idea … too stunned to write more just now … my heart reaches out to those who survive him … Roger.

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    It is with great sadness I read today that we lost Author Lockard F. Young, or Lockie, as we called him.
    I never met Lockie – and still, I considered him an amazing friend, encouraging, supportive, always there, no matter what was coming up, to comfort, to laugh, to help…
    I am very sad – and my thoughts are with him – and his family these days.
    R.I.P. Lockie!
    Thank you, Susan Toy, for the amazing tribute to Lockie!

  9. Susan, I’m sorry about Lockie’s death. We’d recently become friends on Facebook through our mutual friendship with you. I didn’t know him well, but he seemed to be an enthusiastic and fun-loving man with varied interests. I value our short friendship and trust that his dream of authors helping fellow authors will continue.

  10. I purchased Lockie’s little dragon story right after I read this post and reviewed it on Amazon and Goodreads. It is a sweet story about a dragon and a young boy who become friends. Children will love it. It made me sad to think that there will not be more in the series. We have lost a talented fellow author. Bless Lockie and his family. ❤️

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