David A. Poulsen – a new novel in his mystery series

David A. Poulsen has visited Reading Recommendations many times over the years, and I’m always happy to host him here again whenever he is publishing a new book.
(After all, I’ve known Dave for nearly 25 years, since I was a sales rep for his novel,
Don’t Fence Me In!)
He’s back now to tell us about the second novel in his Cullen and Cobb Mystery series.


Dead Air: A Cullen and Cobb Mystery
by David A. Poulsen
Published by Dundurn Press

There’s no such thing as bad press …

Ex-cop turned private detective Mike Cobb is hired as the personal bodyguard of right-wing radio celebrity Buckley-Rand Larmer, who has been receiving a string of vicious, graphic threats. Once again, Cobb recruits crime journalist Adam Cullen, this time to dig into Larmer’s past and find out who might have a grudge against him.

Soon it becomes evident that Cullen and Cobb have more to contend with than the not-so-veiled threats. When Larmer’s associate turns up dead, the broadcaster is charged with the killing, but Cullen believes the murder might be related to a series of suspicious deaths of right-wing media figures going back years. As layers of secrets and lies peel back, Cullen and Cobb have more than Larmer’s guilt or innocence to worry about. A vicious killer is out there somewhere, poised to strike again.

Where to purchase copies:
Dundurn Press

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