A one-day giveaway

A terrific offer from a great author who has been promoted numerous times on this blog! I’ve read everything Kevin Brennan has written and enjoyed every word. So get on over to Kevin’s blog, choose a title, then read and review it for him. It doesn’t get any easier than that!


Who wants a free book?

Today and today only I’ll give away copies of Fascination, Town Father, and In No Particular Order to anyone willing to write an honest review.

In other words, these would be ex post facto ARCs.

If you or someone you know wants to volunteer, comment on this post and indicate how I can contact you. I’ll then provide an ebook in whatever format you prefer.

One title per participant, and you must post your review on Amazon.com. You can also post it in other venues, but Amazon’s where the rubber meets the road, and these books are in desperate need of reviews.

Spread the word and send your friends over to grab their copies. And don’t forget to alert them: if they fail to write a review, I will hunt them down and belittle their children and pets. This is a quid pro…

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2 thoughts on “A one-day giveaway

  1. Thanks a million, Susan! I hope your readers who haven’t read the books scoot on over to take advantage of the deal. And by the way, reviews don’t need to be elaborate affairs. A few lines describing what the reader liked (or … ahem, disliked) will do the trick!

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