Authors Promoted – alphabetical listing (M-Z)

Mackey, Margaret
Major, Alice
Makuz, Carin
Margoshes, Dave (Update)
Marshall, Andy
Martin, Mike (Update) (Update) (Update)
Martini, Clem
Massenzio, Don
Matheson, Shirlee Smith
Matthias, R.
Mayoff, Steven
Mayr, Matt
McCharles, Randy and as a member of The Apocalyptic Four (Update)
McCullough, Kim
McDowell, Pamela (Update)
McGoogan, Ken (Update)
McGuire, M T (Update)
McLean, J.P. (RRR) (Update) (Update)
McNeil, Dan
Meyer, Bruce (Update) (Update)
Midgley, Peter
Miles, Kirk
Millen, Antony
Morrison, Douglas
Mountfort, Katrina
Nicholls, S.K. (Update)
Nicholson, Lorna Schultz (Update)
Norton, Gail
Pflug, Ursula
Phillips, Timothy L. (Update)
Poulsen, David A. (Update) (Update) (Update) (Update)
Powell, Marie
Prosser, David
Reade, Amy M. (Update) (Update)
Ritchie, Cinthia
Robbins, Mike (Update) (Update)
Robertson, David
Robillard, Leo Brent
Rosen, Amy
Rossis, Nicholas C. (Update)
Runte, Robert (Update)
Savva, Maria (Update) (Update) (RRR) (Update) (Update)
Schwartzwald, Lawrence
Simonds, Merilyn
Smith, Mary (Update)
Smith, Ron
Spina, Janice (Update) (Update) (RRR) (Update)
Stanley, Kristina (Update)
Stansfield, Glen R.
Stenson, Fred
Stickland, Eugene
Stone, Danika (Update)
Stonehouse Publishing
Summerfield, Robin
Sunderam, Rohini (Update)
Thompson, Lee D.
Turner, Stevie
Van Laerhoven, Bob (Update) (Update) (Update)
Vincent, Sue
Watson, Cristy
Wearing, Alison
Wharton, Thomas (Update)
Wiggins, Clara
Winters, Nicole
Woodward, Caroline
Young, Lockard (Update) (RRR) (Update) (Update) (Tribute)


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